2019 Pool 3 Rescreening Project - In August 2019 we started a project to rescreen Pool 3 and remodel bathrooms at all three pool areas.  Here are photos of the project in progress.

Putting it back together

Bath floors refinished - color is tan with black and white speckles

Pool 3 Rescreening - Before

Pool 3 Rescreening - in progress 

That guy (in red shorts) putting the screen on is walking on 2" wide beams (think of a 2x4 board on the skinny side!)

Aug 19 cleanup phase of the pool getting ready to reopen

Sunbeam really brightens up the "throne"

And we are back in business!  Pool 3 is open, new screen is up.  We will be painting the baseboards in the bathrooms this week but they will be open, please just be careful.